Paul Graves is lucky enough to play bass and sing with guys this good. His other duties include cat herder and paddock technician. "In this business, you've either got to play the blues or sing with a high voice."

Danny David has joined us on drums, and has deep family music history in St. Louis. His dad, Russ David, had the Premier Orchestra in St. Louis. Danny is a multi instrumental kind of guy, groove and swing are his thing. You'd also be hard pressed to find a nicer fella. He has been playing music or carrying equipment for as long as he can remember.

John Mondin has been playing guitar forever. His rich voice fills the room with a passion eclipsed only by his soulful slide playing, reminiscent of Duane Allman, or Lowell George. He also builds and repairs guitars and other stringed instruments for a living. The force is strong with this one.

"The World's Most Dangerous One Man Band"  J Christopher started hanging around Mike's Ten-Pin, and we fed him. You all know what I'm saying. His guitar, harp, vocals and wit add the ganash to our cupcake. He knows the songs that we don't, and is a kick ass DJ as well.

Mondinband roots go deep into Americana. We were born in the 50's and raised with the birth of rock 'n roll.